Why Choose RelianSys®?

RelianSys® is an innovative technology company. We thoroughly understand the challenges associated with governance. That means delivering the solutions and outcomes you need.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience sets us apart from your typical software or technology company. We don’t simply develop a technical off-the-shelf one size fits all product and push it out to market.


We are first and foremost Governance Specialists. That means when it comes to developing governance software we know what’s needed, what’ works and what doesn’t.


We partner with you to deliver great automation so you can delivery great governance. Better productivity, transparency and capability. 


The RelianSys® Advantage

Our focus on Governance is our key advantage. We deliver consistently to achieve high levels of satisfaction

At RelianSys® we don’t develop solutions and just push them out to the market. We are experts in Governance, with decades of industry experience. Therefore we thoroughly understand this space and have become the ‘Go to people’ for governance solutions. We understand the way governance works – the way YOU work – and build our software to reflect your thinking. RelianSys® Governance Software thinks the way you think.

We only play in the governance space. That means we are entirely focused on the things which are important to you.

Our customers tell us they love our service focus

We are continually drawing on customer input to improve and further develop our software.