RelianSys® Audit

Manage All Your Audits in One Place

Organising different types of audits, locating documents and ensuring audit findings are implemented can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why we developed RelianSys® Audit.


Designed by Auditors for Auditors, everything is centralised in one place enabling you to have total oversight and control of all aspects for planned audits, and history of completed audits. 


Automated alerts ensures everything gets actioned on time, and nothing gets missed.


RelianSys® Audit meets the needs of any organisation, whether it’s for performance, compliance or risk audits, or ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 3100 or ISO 45001 audits.


Maintain audit program control with everything centralised in one place, and organise your own audit categories for easy management.

Get real-time alerts and escalation so things get actioned on time, and nothing is missed

Assign your auditors, track their performance and the program status at any time, with complete audit history recorded.

Upload reports into one secure place in the cloud for easy access – with added security controls for confidentiality assurance. 

Powerful dashboard reporting gives you clear governance oversight, and Audit Committees the complete picture.

A task focused application that is easy to deploy and use so you’ll see productivity gains straight away.

RelianSys® Audit gives you complete peace of mind

RelianSys® Audit enables audits to be scheduled, documents collated and recommendations reported in one central place so eliminates the chaos and time wasted trying to locate documents stored across different depositories, and the struggles of tracking what has and has not been implemented using multiple systems.


With the software being in the cloud, information is easily accessible to everyone involved in the audit program process both inside your organisation, and also to external auditors.


RelianSys® Audit instills a disciplined approach to audit management and has been designed to support organisations doing ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 31000 and ISO 45001 audits.


Because the application is task focused it is very easy to set-up and use, and it’s flexible to support your chosen audit approach and scales as your business does. 



Ready to see how easy it is to effectively manage your audits?