RelianSys® Audit

Manage All Your Audits in One Place

Organising, conducting and following up on audits can be unwieldy. Different kinds of audits, managed by various people, can be difficult to handle. And then there’s the audit recommendations to try and coordinate, follow up and keep track of. That’s why we developed RelianSys® Audit


It brings everything together in one place. It enables you to have total oversight and control of all aspects of your audit program.

Organise audits into your own categories, for easy management.

Get real time alerts, and escalation so nothing is missed

Assign your auditors and track their performance, with complete audit history recorded, so you know exactly where your program is at, all the time

Upload reports into one secure place where they are easily accessible and confidentiality is assured, with access controls for added security and probity.

Powerful dashboard reporting puts you in total control. Governance committees have the complete picture.

Maintain control of your audit program from scheduling to reporting and recommendations in one place, with total line of sight.

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RelianSys® Audit gives you complete peace of mind

RelianSys® Audit is designed by Auditors, for Auditors. It meets the necessary audit management and functionality needs of any organisation, whether it’s for performance audits, compliance and risk audits or ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 audit requirements

Ready to see how easy it is to bring all your audits and tasks under control?