RelianSys® VHIMS Incident

VHIMS reporting just got easier with RelianSys®

Reporting an OHS incident shouldn’t be arduous and that’s why a major Victorian Community Health organisation asked us to create a better VHIMS solution.


RelianSys® VHIMS Incident is easy to use, with logical navigation and forms that are quick to fill-in.


Data is automatically transferred to the DHHS to comply with the Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) reporting obligations.


The software also offers flexibility to report other incident types and to customise reports for internal use.

RelianSys® Incident delivers requirements for VHIMS Local Solution (Option 2) and more

Intuitive OHS Incident reporting 

Easy-to-use software, with minimal set-up and training.

User-friendly Interface 

Easy to fill-in forms making data entry faster.

Form Flexibility

Fulfil VHIMS obligations only, or customise for internal needs.

Seamless Data Transfer

Automated API transfer to VAHI so you always comply.

Customise Reporting

Comprehensive exportable reports and search functions.

Manage All Incidents

Adapt and customise to any kind of incident.

Part of Governance Suite

Seamlessly manage Incidents, Risk and Compliance within one central system.

Single-sign-on Option

Auto log-in to the VHIMS module from initial system log-on.

Start reporting to VAHI using RelianSys®

Learn more about our general Incident solution capabilities and how it seamlessly integrates with our Risk Management solution.

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