RelianSys® Authorisation

RelianSys® Authorisation Software gives you total control of your Instruments of Authorisation

Every organisation that has Authorised Officers enforcing key legislation requirements knows how important it is to be sure of who is authorised, for what purposes, and that the authorisation is current.


With RelianSys® Authorisation Software you have everything, secure, in one place: your templates, drafts, approved and archived Instruments of Authorisation.

One - Stop Portal for Perfect Document Control

We’ll connect you to a free online demo, from your desk to ours. Just 15 minutes can be the difference between tedious manual processes and a more effective and productive work life, with RelianSys®​​

All Templates in One Place

Easy access & good control

Clear Approval Workflow

Line of sight at every step

Tailor your Templates

Manage every day cases as well as special cases with tailored Sections and Instructions

All approval instruments & authorisations in one place

Good document control & ease of use

Alerts, Expiry Dates and Archive Library

Never lose track of your authorisations, manage everything on time