RelianSys® Compliance

Compliance management is more challenging than ever

Many organisations now operate within increasingly complex regulatory environments. Globally, regulation is constantly expanding, accompanied by penalties making compliance management a major strategic risk.


RelianSys® Compliance reduce the complexity, uncertainty and risk associated with meeting compliance obligations – delivering a new level of control. 


Automation does the heavy lifting in deploying responsibility and verifying compliance performance, and the provision of online legislative content makes maintaining registers easy.



RelianSys Compliance simplifies your compliance management and gives you the critical control and visibility you need:

Automates responsibility deployment saving time, effort and potential for errors

Easy-to-understand real-time reports provide management an instant compliance status

Automated reminder and escalation alerts ensure effective compliance management

Provides evidence obligations are met, and the assurance of an ISO 19600 compliant system

RelianSys® Compliance Management Software takes the uncertainty out of compliance management.

It works in all types of organisations, from small to very large.

And perfectly meshes the best practice requirements of ISO 19600 into your organisation.

How it works

RelianSys® Compliance combines intuitive workflows with online legislative content, delivered through a cloud-based software application. 

The software drives efficiency by automating the hard work of deploying responsibility and verifying compliance performance.

Legislative Compliance Registers

Our tailored registers are delivered to your desktop and provide detailed obligations contained in Acts and Regulations so you can see exactly what is required. This means your compliance efforts are focused on the things that matter without the burden of reviewing volumes of ever-changing legislation. 


You can deploy compliance management by assigning responsibility for each obligation to ensure it is effectively managed and maintained.

RelianSys® Compliance Management

RelianSys Compliance is the proven solution for your compliance management, combining intuitive workflows with online legislative content. It drives efficiency by automating the hard work of deploying responsibility and verifying compliance performance.


With RelianSys® Compliance, your real-time compliance profile is visible in an instant with reports retrievable within seconds. 

You can examine your status for a particular legislation, by department or User – or any combination of these, and more.

The board, audit committees, and senior management can be fully informed on both external legislative requirements and internal requirements, and you can have full confidence that compliance is properly managed and under control.

See How RelianSys Compliance can work for you

“We are now able to provide our Board with compliance reports they have never seen before!”