RelianSys® Incident Management

The automation you need to manage incidents properly

Incident Management has come a long way with RelianSys® Incident.

With RelianSys® Incident, you can customize your incident system to meet your organizational needs. It’s cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere and you can upload pics and audio files to capture everything. The workflows lead you through analysis and corrective action. And you’re not limited to Health & Safety Incidents; RelianSys® Incident can be used for product issues, customer feedback, financial management incidents and more.

What you get with RelianSys® Incident Management?

Tailor the incident program to meet your unique organizational needs

Access the software from any location or device

Upload photos, audio records and other evidence you need to capture

Store all the information regarding an incident together in one place

The automated process allows you to focus on fixing the problem

Analyse, correct and improve your processes to close the loop

Expand the software to cover product issues, customer feedback, financial management incidents and more

Comprehensive and exportable reports and search functions

Integrate Incident Management with Risk Management

RelianSys® Incident Management Software integrates seamlessly with RelianSys® Risk Management Software. You can link Incidents to Risks, see the size of a problem, and more accurately assess the risk level.
This added functionality to raise corrective action tasks and manage improvement projects turbocharges your incident management process. It also invigorates your risk management approach. Risk registers become dynamic, live tools to drive improvement and improve your organisation’s effectiveness.

Incidents can occur at any time, putting your organisation, your people, and you, at risk.

Keeping up-to-date with detailed registers of incidents in your organization is vital. RelianSys® Incident streamlines the process of recording, analyzing and dealing with Occupational Health and Safety near misses and incidents. It’s time to automate and get the most out of a cloud-based application that works the way you want.

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