RelianSys® Delegations & Delegations +

Transform the way you manage Delegations with RelianSys® Delegations and Delegations+. With RelianSys® the onerous and complex tasks of creating and maintaining Delegations disappear. It becomes simple and easy.

RelianSys® Delegations is intuitive, quick to load and works the way you want. Implementation is quick, easy to configure, learn and implement. You will see immediate results. Our support includes phone, email and online support, plus all standard software updates and upgrades.

Great software shouldn’t cost a fortune. RelianSys® Delegations is affordable and great value for money


Delegations are automated, which means the manual and resource intensive work is a thing of the past


There’s no clutter and complexity – just clear, accessible information


The Workflow is efficient and intuitive. 

It works the way you think

Quick Start

You’re up and running in no time!

It’s easy to learn and you get results quickly

RelianSys® Delegations Software streamlines the onerous and complex task of creating and maintaining your Delegations Registers. 

Our content partner arrangements give you access to trusted libraries of legislative delegations. You can tailor these with your own comments and conditions to really make them suit your situation.

Delegations +

Standard features + more

Create Custom Reports

Create customised reports that match your organisation’s requirements. No more manual reformatting

Read Check

Improved accountability for delegates, by acknowledging they have read and understood their delegations

Make Pages Public

Publish public delegations directly to your website in real-time, eliminating manual updates

Custom Columns

Ability to add new customised columns into internal instruments

Multiple Levels of Sign Off

Streamlines the entire approval process, saving time and eliminating paper-based approvals

Position Changes

When positions change, users receive an email notification and can login to check their current delegations

Record of Actions & Changes

Audit trails of any changes and actions

Managing delegations has never been easier. Gone is the complexity and the time consuming work. You've waited long enough. Now is the time to automate and keep it simple with RelianSys® Delegations and Delegations+




Automated updates to subscribed content

Allocate by Positions

Save Versions

Report by Position

Single Level of Approval

Multiple Approval Options


Email Notification of Changes

Organise by Department

Archive/Delete Revisions

Customisable Report Templates

Search Globally

Document Upload

Instrument Update Audit Trial

Acceptance Record for Delegates

Publish Delegations to Website

Find out how our customers are saving money with Delegations

What’s the biggest problem RelianSys® Delegations solves for you?

The problem – needing to manually update Instruments of Delegation
The solution – increasing the ability to quickly and flexibly update delegations as required.

What is the best feature and biggest benefit (for you) of RelianSys® Delegations?

Being able to make an update to a position title or staff member once and have this apply automatically across all delegations.

How do you feel using an automated rather than a manual Delegations system?

Great, it reduces the likelihood of human error significantly.

Why would you recommend Delegations to Governance Officers in other Councils

To reduce the effort, duration and risk associated with updating delegations.

How does it save you time and money? e.g. One Governance Manager wrote “It used to take me a week to update my Delegations Registers after a change of title. I do this now in 10 seconds. That’s a productivity saving of around $1,000 alone!” Another said “I spent around three weeks after each update – that’s twice each year – creating individual Officers’ Instruments of Delegations. I now get this instantaneously. That’s worth nearly $6,000 p.a.”

The updates every six months following the Maddocks update now only take me a matter of weeks rather than months before starting and completing the review. It has significantly reduced the amount of effort taken to conduct this as well.

What has RelianSys® been like as a company to work with? Perhaps compare their customer service to other software providers?

RelianSys® has worked with us as partners to ensure we get the best value from the system and are always responsive to inquiries and suggestions that we may make.