RelianSys® Monitor

Compliance Calendar to Monitor everything, miss nothing!

Organisations need to stay across an increasing number of reporting and contractual obligations. It is easy for key dates and deadlines to get missed when information is spread across multiple departments or repositories, and teams are working remotely.


RelianSys® Monitor is your compliance calendar. It schedules, reminds, escalates and tracks tasks, and stores all critical information in one centralised place so everything that needs to be done, gets done.


Being in the cloud, the software provides accessibility from anywhere so you can empower task owners to take charge and maintain control with clear sight of everything that matters.


RelianSys® Monitor is easy to set-up, can be customised so you can report on what is important to your organisation, and automation drives efficiency and ensures nothing gets missed.

Organise everything into key business categories

Obligations won’t get lost or key dates or deadlines overlooked

Create records with customised fields

Easily set-up and track what’s important to your organisation

Give every record an owner

Drive accountability and ensure that nothing gets missed

Immediate escalations for late tasks

Keeps management updated and in control

Automated due dates and reminders

Ensures compliance and everything is actioned on time every time

Dashboard gives an instant snapshot

Complete and quick status overview and what is coming up

Comprehensive customisable reports

Gives management the complete picture and helps task prioritisation

Store documents for each record

Access files instantly, never lose important documents again, and maintain an audit trial 

Delegate tasks so everything gets done

Assign responsibility, and if someone leaves, the position’s tasks are easily reassigned so nothing slips through the net

Improve cross-function collaboration and delivery

Delegate project tasks between a group and ensure everyone knows what they need to do

See how RelianSys Monitor compliance calendar can
transform how you manage and meet your obligations

Forget using multiple programs when RelianSys Monitor provides a compliance calendar and integrates key project management principles in one easy-to-use program. 



Your key tasks, right in front of you, wherever you are and wherever you go.